Innovative Leadership Strategies
Solving local issues, influencing global outcomes


Innovative Leadership Strategies, LLC is a leadership, strategy, and organizational development firm. Our work is grounded in the belief that leadership is an activity that requires individuals to take manageable risks, experiment with innovative ideas, and do what is possible versus what is easy.

As our world becomes more connected, we have the great opportunity to positively influence organizations and individuals in our communities and across the globe. Persistent challenges, competing commitments, and perceived threats to our ability to prosper often hold us back from fully realizing these possibilities.

Innovative Leadership Strategies works with individuals, organizations, and communities to build new momentum to push through these challenges, narrow the gap between aspirations and current practice, and create innovative solutions.

Our clients find that just getting better at current practice is often insufficient to address the significant challenges facing their organization or community. Thus, adaptation is necessary. Creating a new path for innovative leadership requires the following:

  • Accurately identifying the root of the problem 
  • Building positive emotionally contagious environments
  • Addressing competing commitments that impede progress
  • Eagerly drawing on the strengths in the system
  • Courageously engaging diverse people and perspectives
  • Actively exploring innovative ideas 
  • Smartly experimenting with systemic solutions